Coding reviews(sem 7)

Python 3 code:Greetings assignment: print("hEy Waz gOod) Assignments assignments: A=4 B=6 C=5 D=30 E=30 F=20 G=100 H=25 print(4-6,A-B) print(5*30,C*D) print(30+20,E+F) print(25100,H/G)

Python 3 is a widely used programming language. Python prides itself for "code readability", and using less lines of code than other languages. With these factors pythons is one of the easier languages. Evidence of this is that python powers many big companies like Instagram and is a language that makes videogames.

C++ besides javascript is possibly the most used and popular programming languages. It's strong suites are embedding, and system programming. It is very popular with maintaining servers and desktop applications. Some examples of how often C++ is used it is used for device drivers,web development,PC games, scientific computing, and graphics. The beginner for the "C " class crave is is Bjarne Stroustrup. He made C and the latest incarnation C++.

J query is a free simplified version of HTML. J query is most often paired with javascript. It could be considered CSS for javascript. It is used for low level animations, and effects. J query was made in 2006 to simplify HTML and was made by John Resig.

Pascal and "easy" programming language was made 1968-69 and was public in 1979. It was made as wiipedia says for " as a small, efficient language intended to encourage good programming practices using structured programming and data structuring".